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The functional medicine expert, Dr. Jonathan Spages has launched another innovative therapy for weight loss. He is specialized in providing standardized care and high-quality service and with this announcement; he made a significant change in the aspect of weight-loss. This treatment will be an added benefit for the people who want to lose their weight naturally and look fit and healthy thereby.

This New Jersey-based functional medicine expert provides a full suite of tailored services and treatment plans to do the weight-loss process correctly and comprehensively treat their conditions. Treatments for natural weight-loss include Lipo light and cool sculpting. The innovative technique as practiced by Dr. Jonathan Spages is minimally invasive and significantly less expensive than other weight-loss procedures. He started his career at a very young age and became successful in the field of functional medicine or alternative medicine. All the treatments that are carried out in his vicinity are done under the supervision of expert and experienced medical professionals and thereby ensures to bring desired results from the treatments.

While saying about these treatments, Dr. Jonathan Spages noted, “As the people in the US are very much concerned about their weight-loss, I have seen many of them searches for a natural treatment process that causes less harm to their health. I also believe that a healthy weight is necessary not just to look perfect but for a healthy body as well. With this believe I, at this moment, launched advanced treatment procedures that will give the concerned people the right direction in weight-loss.” He also added, “I always use the latest equipment and medicines which are perfectly tested and qualitatively certified. That is why I can easily assure all my patients, either old or new, that these treatment procedures are not having any problematic medical outcomes or health remedies. At our premises, we also evaluate our patients to see whether he/she is physically qualified or not to take the fat removal procedures and based on their health conditions only, my physicians determine the areas where to apply the fat removal procedure. Only after these steps, further administration of the method is carried out”.

About the treatment

This treatment includes two innovative techniques for natural weight-loss such as Lipo light and Cool Sculpting. While talking about this technique, the doctor explains that Lipo light is carried out to utilize the LED power therapy to reduce the extra fats from the parts like thighs, waist, hips, legs, and arms. This technique is also helpful in toning evenly to the different regions of the body. He also said that Lipo body contouring is safe and with this, a person can easily manage his/her fat control naturally and effectively. On the other hand, cool sculpting is another innovation by us, as emphasized by Dr. Jonathan Spages. The devices that are used in this method are for releasing the cooling temperature in the targeted body parts to a freezing point. It is evidenced by the researches that through this method, approx 20% of body fats can be reduced quickly. He thus welcomes to all the people who are interested in getting a beneficiary treatment for the weight-loss can go to them with assured positive outcomes.

About Jonathan Spages

Dr. Jonathan Spages is an expert in Functional medicine or alternative medicine. He always offers the best sort of treatment by detecting the root causes of illnesses that are even chronic. He has extensive knowledge of examining various hormonal, biochemical and psychological problems associated with the hypothyroidism, type-2 diabetes and numerous other chronic diseases. He also believes in providing his patients with personalized care to get rid of sufferings from extra weight problems. That is why, to offer all the people around the vicinity a healthy life, he introduces such revolutionary treatment for natural weight-loss.

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