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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Georgia, USA reported in 2010 that 65.7% of American adults were overweight and about ¾ of the population in the USA was expected to be overweight by 2020. In 2015-2016, the Centers reported that almost 40% of adults aged 20 or more in the US are clinically obese and a staggering 71% or more are overweight. Being obese or overweight can lead to numerous health problems and risks, the primary ones being –

  • Diabetes Type 2
  • Coronary artery problems
  • Hypertension
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Respiratory problems
  • Some types of cancers
  • Fertility problems and complications during childbirth, and
  • Depression
Dr Jonathan B Spages

Recent researches suggest that obesity and overweight are killing more Americans than smoking. Approximately 1 to 4 lakh deaths in the US on an annual basis is contributed to obesity. Weight-loss has become a major issue in the country today and accounts for about 8 – 10 % expenditure on a national level in the US. With even pediatric obesity on the rise, the weight-loss industry in the country is worth about USD 66.3 billion today.

The Best Way to Lose Weight

Functional medicine is one of the best ways to treat obesity and lose excess weight. Dr. Jonathan Spages, an expert in functional medicine has introduced the Lipo-Light and Cool Sculpting techniques, two of the most effective ways of losing weight in his clinic.

The conventional method of losing weight, that is exercising, has been found in helping maintain good health but its significance in helping loose that extra fat over a long-term period and sustaining it, is being questioned repeatedly. Some research in this area has proved that the effectiveness of exercising in losing weight needs to be supported by a proper personalized diet and supplemented by a comprehensive weight-loss treatment to achieve the best results.

Lipo-Light Technique

A revolutionary weight-loss technique that is modestly invasive, is affordable and does not cost a bomb, and produces instant results, the treatment involves using LED Light Therapy that infiltrates the skin and gets absorbed by fatty cells. The technique permits the fat to escape to tissues where it gets burned off or metabolized during post-treatment exercising. It is a non-surgical method; the process uses the latest equipment and technology. There are neither any harmful side-effects nor any pain or scars associated with the process. The technique is fast gaining popularity because it is one of the most natural ways of losing the stubborn fat from body parts like the waist, upper legs, thighs, arms, and hips.

Cool Sculpting

A process approved by the FDA this technique involves freezing the fat cells. Another non-invasive method it gives shape to the body by crystallizing the cells beneath the skin that leads to their destruction. After a certain period, the body naturally eliminates these dead cells to sculpt the contour of the body. While the convention methods of losing weight like exercise and dieting just make the fat cells smaller in size rather than eliminating them from the body, the cool sculpting process results in destroying fat cells in a certain region and then having them removed from the body naturally.

Dr. Spages has been practicing functional medicine for years now. Hundreds of patients have been relieved of their diseases by him. As a functional medicine specialist, his method of treatment involves thorough and meticulous assessment of the root cause behind the diseases and then providing personalized holistic treatment solutions. In this way the symptoms and the disease are not only treated wholly it also helps the patients to regain their original health and vigor.

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